Nina (ostara_child) wrote in christian_ethic,

A pagan in your midst, hope you don't mind

Wow.  This communtiy rocks!  I loved the informed entries some of you have (you guys give Christianity a good name and that's rare for me to see; I don't have much prior experience with open minded Christians).

On that note, I'll be totally honest with you all.  I am a pagan (not wiccan, but meaning I'm a little and a lot of everything--especially taoist and polytheistic (and a little atheist, depending on how much news I've seen and heard on a given day); I was raised Quaker but don't concider myself to be one at this time).  I look for religious, spiritual and political tolerance and am eager to read what you all have to say.  For the most part I'm a quiet observer (I try to be, anyway, but do sometime put my foot in my mouth if I don't think before I speak) and I mostly just want to see what opinions are out there.

Thanks and blessings.

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